Kitchen Wiring basics to achieve the ultimate practical kitchen. 5 tips that can make it easier.

Kitchen Wiring? There is more to future convenience and practicality to kitchen remodel than to replace cabinets.
Kitchen Wiring

Many kitchen renovations start with a simple idea of only replacing the cabinets and countertops. At the same time, Kitchen wiring is one of the most impactful updates that can hugely improve the practicality of future space use.

1) Lighting with all new LED technology has evolved in recent years. LED Potlights spaced properly can make a significant difference. The new super-slim LED potlights that replaced the old style halogens needing light bulb change every time the kids played tag upstairs are bright and give the kitchen a brand new look. Consider potlight layout before kitchen wiring.

2) The use of outlets in the kitchen is very different today. With tablets, laptops, cell phone chargers constantly in use on countertops, the need for outlets is greater than ever. The ESA code requires a 20 AMP outlet for kitchen counters spaced so a 3-foot appliance cord can reach an outlet from anywhere, it means no more than 6 feet apart and no more than 3 feet from the end of any counter. The island counts as counter as well and outlets are required there too. Any counter space at least a foot wide requires an outlet as well. All this is easy to update before the new kitchen is installed, plan ahead for a small kitchen wiring update.

Kitchen Wiring

3) Keep in mind the GFCI type receptacles within 5 feet of the sink are required by ESA code for safety. And arc-fault type breakers are a newer addition to code requirements that add to the fire safety of your home.

4) LED Under-cabinet lights today, are great with bright and even light, dimmable switching, and many colors available. Don’t forget to have the wiring ready for it before the new cabinets are installed.

5) Some kitchen renovation contractors are worried about delaying the project working with a certified electrician so they may “neglect” to mention these facts to the owner.

Don’t forget!
It’s a lot easier and more cost-effective to do the wiring when the cabinets are removed and/or back-splash isn’t installed. Most of the kitchens can be updated in 1 or 2 days.

Do your research or ask a certified experienced electrical contractor for advice. We work with many kitchen renovation companies with easy scheduling and minimal schedule disruptions.

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