Just another Electrical panel change in Oakville, 2 to 1

Electrical Panel change can significantly improve the safety of your home, add more space for new circuits commonly added during renovations and simplify the electrical of your house.

Panel Change

Electrical panel change before and after

Just installed this new Electrical panel in Oakville, the customer had an old fuse panel and another old breaker sub panel.

We consolidated all of it into one new safe electrical panel (Siemens – our brand of choice)

Cleaned up and added a bunch of space for new circuits that the owner can have added with her new finished basement safely.

Many time the old panels have multiple wires connected to one fuse or oversized fuses, that creates many safety hazards including fire hazard. This is always eliminated by installing a new electrical panel.

The most common service size is a 100AMP, if you need more power, most of the time it can easily be upgraded to 200AMP.

Another common safety device often installed during service/panel work is a whole house surge protector. Today almost every house has many high-value devices (tablets, computers, phones, TV’s, etc)  that can be damaged any during power surges that can happen during storms or just any time when a transformer serving your street/house burns out. 

Contact us with any questions, we’re here to help. 

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