The GCCElectric Service Visit – Meticulous attention to our customer’s needs 1-2-3

In this article, I’ll try to describe how an every day Service-call looks like from the moment you contact us to the completion of the job or service.  Wether it is residential or a commercial service call.

1. The Call and Scheduling

The GCCElectric Service Visit
  • Call us for service 24 Hours / 7 days a week
  • Tell  us about the problem, or “the job”, our job is to solve problems in the shortest possible time.
  • We’ll schedule an appointment that will work for you
  • In case of a more complicated job, our electrician will follow up with you by text message, email or a phone call, depending on the preferred way you chose and request more information in form of pictures or a few questions
  • If you require, he will provide a detailed quote based on the information provided before scheduling an appointment
  • We’ll send you reminders by text message and email a few days before and 1 day before the appointment. 
  • You’ll see the info of the GCCElectric electrician that will come to see you (including his photo)

2. The GCCElectric Service Visit

The GCCElectric Service Visit
  • Our Friendly Electrician always arrives on time and the date scheduled
  • He will listen, pay attention to all the details of the problem or job
  • He will ask many questions if needed to help him quickly pinpoint the source of the problem or to understand your needs and wishes
  • He will explain the costs involved and the steps needed to get the problem fixed or the job done
  • He uses drop sheets, and cover sheets to cover furniture and floors where needed. 
  • Our electricians are trained to do the job to the highest standard and quality at all time
  • After the job is completed, he cleans up, vacuums the dust, and leaves the place like he was never there.
  • One of the first things we emphasize during every electrician training is to treat the property of our customers as our own! 

3. Payment and followup

The GCCElectric Service Visit
  • After the completion of the job, our electrician always fills out a detailed job report and creates an invoice
  • He emails and/or texts the invoice to you, (the homeowner or business owner)  from our online cloud system 
  • We accept many forms of payment: ex. Credit cards, money orders, Interac money transfers and email transfers, cheques, cash
  • After the successful payment transaction, you’ll receive a receipt of the payment. 
  • Detailed records of the job, including pictures if needed, are kept in our system for future reference or warranty visits if necessary
  • GCCElectric will keep in touch in the future just to make sure you are satisfied with every aspect of our service.
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